Pandora's Puzzle Boxes

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Shopping Guide to Our Puzzle Boxes

  • These whimsical puzzle boxes hide a felt-lined compartment inside (a few have two). Animals, hearts, stars, Costa Rican Puzzle Box musical or yin-yang symbols--take your pick! Because they're fairly simple to open, they make excellent gifts for either children or adults. The Costa Rican Puzzle Boxes are crafted from different tropical hardwood species, including Cocobolo, Purple Heart, Ironwood, and Monkey Wood.

  • These finely crafted puzzle boxes are truly works of art. The beautiful exterior design uses a Japanese Puzzle Box variety of woods with different japanese puzzle boxnatural colors to form a mosaic or picture. The puzzle box is opened by sliding cleverly concealed panels, until at last the top piece slides off. These Japanese Puzzle Boxes range from fairly simple boxes with 7 moves . . . up to very complicated ones requiring 78 moves to open! They also range in size, so be sure to note measurements before ordering.
  • To open our Turkish Puzzle Boxes, you must first find the key. Then, you have to find the lock! Only 5 moves, but most people find these puzzle boxes to be quite tricky. The Turkish Puzzle Box comes in either Walnut or Juniper wood, with a choice of lids--traditional, eagle, or dragon. The inside is lined with fabric.
  • Heartwood Puzzle Boxes are beautifully handcrafted from select hardwoods, including the African woods Padauk and Bubinga. They require between 2 and 5 moves to open, and are considered moderately difficult to open.
  • The Polish Puzzle Boxes are fairly simple to open, requiring 2 - 3 moves. The Polish Puzzle Boxes are crafted from Linden wood and comes in a variety of colorful hand-stained, hand-painted designs.
  • The Rustic Pine Puzzle Boxes come in 2 sizes. The large size has 2 compartments, requiring 3 moves to open. The smaller size has 1 compartment, with 1 move to open. Not a lot of moves, but still tricky
  • These finely crafted puzzle boxes, made in India, are made from Sheesham wood , also known as India Rosewood. The difficulty appears to be easy, slide one panel and the top opens up. What one doesn't realize is there is a false bottom that conceals a secret compartment!